David Smith’s family member speaks out against Peoria police during anti-police brutality protest

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– Local protesters say being anti-police brutality doesn’t mean anti-police.

The recent death of George Floyd, who recently died in police custody in Minneapolis, is shining light on concerns by people about the Peoria Police Department. Tuesday, the families of people, who died in police-involved incidents, joined with several community organizations outside of police headquarters.

They’re demanding the department hand over all records of police-involved deaths in since 2017.

“They need to be held accountable. Not only do they need to learn and teach them to deal with the public better, but they need to be held accountable when they mess up with the public. Don’t brush it up under the rug and it’s ok because you a cop. A murder is murder whether its with a badge behind it or a regular person. Hold them accountable. They should face the same charges if not worse. Y’all here to protect us not kill us,” the mother of David’s Smith daughter said.

In the last three years, five men including Eddie Russell, Daniel El, Luis Cruz, David Smith, and Trashaun Shields died in police-involved incidents. Activists and other community organizations, like Chama St. Louis, who is also running for Peoria Mayor said she wants to see disciplinary actions taken against the officers who dishonored their badge.

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