EAST PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A long-standing Central Illinois pizza spot is switching ownership after two decades.

Davis Brother’s Pizza, located at Fondulac Plaza in East Peoria, has been open since 1948.

After 20 years in charge, owner Cheryl Scott is stepping away to focus on her future in Texas.

Chad Zike, the owner of the Hungry Moose Lounge in Peoria, is taking over the pizza business. Zike said he is planning to make some upgrades but the pizza’s iconic recipe will stay the same.

“As a kid, I remember Davis Brothers from long ago. We’ve always loved the pizza and we’ve followed them over the years,” Zike said. “I just felt it was really important to stay as ‘Davis Brothers of East Peoria’ and that’s what my intentions are,” he added.

Scott said she is thankful for the community’s support over the years and is looking forward to the business’s future.

“Chad was my first pick, and we’ve talked for a long time about this. I think he’s the one that can take it where it needs to go. It needs a breath of fresh air–it’s the same direction but a little bit faster and a little bit more than what I will be able to do,” Scott said.

Zike will take over operations beginning this weekend. He said he has also purchased Davis Brother’s frozen pizza division and hopes to make the product readily available in stores.