PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — This weekend, clocks will fall back an hour when daylight saving time ends, and local firefighters say this is a good time to practice an important safety measure.

The Peoria Fire Department said you should make sure your smoke detectors are working once a month. You’re also encouraged to change the batteries in the smoke detector twice a year.

Nate Rice, Division Chief of Fire Prevention with the Peoria Fire Department, said the time changes serve as a good reminder to change your batteries.

“One of the biggest things we find in people that get out early from fires is they have had working smoke detectors, and that detector went off early enough that it allowed them the time to escape their home before anybody was seriously injured,” Rice said.

The Peoria Fire Department also has an income-based smoke detector program available. Through the program, firefighters will come to your home and install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.