PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — On Tuesday, May 3, Democratic candidates for the 17th congressional district faced off at a forum at Bradley University.

Candidates included Jonathan Logemann, Jacqueline McGowan, Angie Normoyls, Eric Sorenson, Litisa Wallace, and Marsha Williams.

Hosted by WCBU and WGLT, the candidates discussed issues like inflation, the war in Russia, and Roe V. Wade, which seemed to be the hot topic of the night.

“This is a huge fight that will be on our hands, but as an ally to women, I will always stand up strong,” said Sorenson.

Wallace stated, “By continuing the work that I’ve already done in the state of Illinois, making this state not only a safe haven but a fortress where access to reproductive healthcare is concerned.”

Williams said, “We need to make sure that these women, if they choose to have an abortion electively, or have a pregnancy that’s failed, that they are protected under federal law, that they can get the medical treatment that they deserve.”

“We’ve been allowed abortions based on court ruling and we probably always should’ve followed that up, you know, with a bill to make sure that our rights were protected, but we didn’t,” said McGowan.

“I think it’s so very important that we have a candidate from this district and an eventual represent from this district who is 100% pro-choice, who supports abortion rights, and who supports a woman’s full right to healthcare, woman’s full access to healthcare,” said Logemann.

The candidates will be running in the Democratic Primary for US House Illinois District 17 on June 28.