Despite the result of the vote Twin City politicians are gearing up for a push to disband the BEC

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Two Twin City political parties are looking for ways to remove the Bloomington Election Commission, after voters in the area chose to keep it.

On the ballot this year, Bloomington residents had the opportunity to decide if they wanted to keep the BEC. With a margin of nearly three thousand votes, the people voted to retain their own election authority and not merge with the county’s.

“The better platform for handling our election process is to merge the two entities into the county clerks office,” said Connie Beard, Chairwoman of the McLean County Republican Party. “95 out of 102 counties in our state have that one system.”

The results of the vote did not go well with area Republicans and Libertarians. Steve Seuss, Chairman of the county’s Libertarian Party, says the commission has proven to be inefficient in managing elections.

He went on to say it’s confusing for voters, because people in the same county have to do math in order to see who won in their area.

McLean County Clerk, Kathy Michael says the 104-year-old commission actually works just fine. She says, the reason behind the advisory question was stemmed from an effort combine the two commissions.

Michael says she enjoys the political process because it allows people the chance to voice their opinion, in a matter like this one. But she went on to say that if the vote went in the opposite direction the county clerks office would have no problem taking on the added responsibilities from the BEC.

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