Disparities in Peoria discussed at Zion Coffee

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Things topics like education, socioeconomic status and overall racial disparities in the city of Peoria was the topic of discussion at Zion Coffee House on Thursday.

It’s no secret that the riverfront was recently ranked the second worst city for African-Americans, and that was the basis of Thursday’s dialogue.

Many of the discussion’s panelists grew up in Peoria and has seen it change,specifically in the 61605.

While some did say there are a number of things the city is doing to change its reputation, they also say there’s a long list the city also needs to work on.

Things making the city’s school district filled with more diverse teachers and bringing better programs to the city attracting millennials and African-Americans were discussed as well.

Zion Coffee House owner Banu Hatfield said, “This is very timely we know as we heard earlier from our panelists that there is a disparity. We wanted to make sure that we provided a space for that conversation to be had in a safe environment.”

This is the fourth session of the Zion Out Loud. The coffee shop has similar events like this discussing technology, social issues and other controversial topics.

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