PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – Distillery Labs redevelopment of the previous Illinois Central College building is a long time in the making.

Interim executive director Chris Setti says it will be integral to Greater Peoria’s technology and innovation advancement.

Setti says he is thrilled this resource will be available to help our community launch businesses.

“It’s going to be an incubator for businesses and for folks who are just thinking about a business, all the way up to people who already have an idea in mind,” he says. “It will have co-working space, some maker space tools.”

The interim executive director says the distillery lab’s new space will have great resources for entrepreneurs to utilize.

He tells WMBD the 55,000 square-foot building will be renovated to house a world-class start-up and technology center in downtown Peoria.

The grand opening is slated for mid-2024.

“Good things come to those who wait they say,” says Setti. “It’s taken a lot of patience on the part of the board and the team that’s been working on this. But we’re really committed to the idea of distillery labs; we knew we could get here, just had to sharpen our pencils and work with our really amazing team.”

He says it is a major economic initiative for the region and after a frustrating few years, it’s great to see this vision finally come to fruition.