EAST PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — (UPDATE) — East Peoria Elementary School District #86 Associate Superintendent Dr. Scott Estes resigned Thursday after an investigation by the district.

In a statement, District 86 Superintendent Tony Ingold says a person reached out to the district and claims Estes engaged in “inappropriate grooming type behavior” two decades ago.

Ingold says the district previously began an investigation into the incident. It found witness statements consistent with allegations.

In the statement, the district says the actions in the allegations did not happen in the district. The district says Estes has denied the allegations but chose to resign yesterday.

WMBD reached out to Estes through a District 86 email address but has not heard back.

School representatives were recently alerted to an email from an individual unconnected with the school district which alleged that school district employee Scott Estes engaged in inappropriate grooming-type behavior approximately 20 years ago.  The school district immediately conducted an investigation concerning the matter.  Witnesses in the investigation made statements consistent with the allegations in the email.  All of the allegations pertained to conduct which allegedly occurred two decades ago.  None of the allegations involve actions within the school district or in any way connected to Mr. Estes employment.

Mr. Estes has strongly denied the allegations.  However, following the investigation, Mr. Estes opted to resign his position with the District.   He will not return. 

Mr. Estes has no history of employee discipline and school representatives have no reason to believe that any inappropriate conduct occurred at school.  Nevertheless, the matter has been reported to the Department of Children and Family Services.  In addition, the East Peoria Police Department has been made aware of the matter.

Tony Ingold, Superintendent District #86

(PREVIOUS) — Local police have their eyes on a high level school administrator in East Peoria.

East Peoria police said Dr. Scott Estes, the associate superintendent in District 86, was named in a case currently in the department’s criminal division.

WMBD is working to confirm what led to the investigation.

District 86 school board was scheduled to meet Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. The district confirmed the special meeting is canceled as a result of the investigation.

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