District Goes Back to the Drawing Board for Future of Peoria Stadium

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Peoria Public Schools is going back to the drawing board when it comes to the future of Peoria Stadium. After months of taking community input, board members are proposing the district will instead take improvement plans into its own hands. The district is calling this Plan B.


The district asked you for ideas on what to do with the stadium this fall and a familiar face in Peoria’s athletic community stepped forward with a plan. But, the district is now putting those plans on hold.


“Some of my fondest memories as a high school athlete came from Peoria Public Stadium.” Adam White said.


It was that nostalgia that convinced White to propose a plan to rebuild Peoria Stadium. His idea called for the creation of a non-profit to buy the land and raise the money needed to create a new stadium catered to turf sports and track and field events.


“We understood that from the beginning this conversation and throwing out what we were on the table was a long shot and it was probably going to take some time for all parties to get their arms around.” White said.


White’s hunch was right. Peoria Public Schools asked the Co-Owner of Running Central for more details in order to move forward.


“There have been several meetings kind of hashing over it and having conversations about it, but, to date, the board has not really received, at least the building committee did not really receive a plan that’s solid and viable.” Peoria Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat, said.


For now, the district will go its own direction, making improvements to the existing stadium. The facility currently costs the district $300,000 per year to maintain.


“So the idea is really to invest and re-energize the stadium and we’ll look at all aspects in terms of revitalizing this area.” Dr. Kherat said.


White says he’ll continue to put his best foot forward when it comes to restoring the stadium to its former glory.


“We want to see what’s in the best interest of our youth and our community in its entirety flourish.” White said.


The district doesn’t have any specific plans for the stadium just yet but says it will start brainstorming to come up with a plan to present to the building committee.


Discussion about the stadium is on the agenda for Monday night’s school board meeting.

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