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Are you exercising enough? Researchers are letting the couch potatoes of the world know it’s vital to change your lifestyle and change it fast.

According to a study published in the journal of the American Medical Association, only 23 percent of Americans are exercising enough and those who live stationary lifestyles are at higher risk of death.

“Those people who don’t do anything more than get up and walk around during the day, that are truly sedentary,” said Dr. Darrel Gumm of OSF Healthcare. He adds, “It is up to a 500 percent difference, and we’re talking about cardiovascular death. It’s really a big deal.”

Yvonne Greer owns Power Zone personal training in Peoria. She tells her clients to counter act the effects of being seated all day. people must think of ways to move their body in the opposite directions.

“If you think I’m seated, my hips are flexed, my shoulders are slightly rounded forward, my ankles and feet are stationary, getting up does a whole lot,” said Greer. “If you can actually move yourself in the other direction, even better because that will extend your spine, open up your hips and allow your feet and ankles to move around a bit.”

Greer says doing simple exercises three to five times a week will pay off.

“I’m a huge proponent of moving the body in all three planes of motion. That means front and back, side to side and rotational,” Greer explained. “Ultimately when you get used to that movement add some weights add some different dimensions.”

When it comes to what you eat a healthy diet for some may not work for everyone. Greer says a good rule of thumb is sticking with lean meats and vegetables and staying away high fructose syrups, sweets and sugars.

Doctors add a healthy diet paired with exercising weekly will only help you in the long run.

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