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PEORIA, Ill. – There’s lots of good, useful information on the internet. But should it be the go-to when dealing with a perceived medical issue?

A study by shows 89 percent of us patients Google their health symptoms before going to their doctor. The study says people want to find out the severity of their health condition prior to talking with a physician.

But some experts say wanting quick answers to your medical or wellness questions can lead to unnecessary anxiety.

They say that anxiety can strain the doctor-patient relationship.

“Forget Google, you can go to a textbook, right,” said OSF Family Medicine Physician Dr. Syed Zaidi.

“Are you going to trust that or are you going to trust someone who knows how to practice within that book or practice what’s on line? I would say go with trusting the person who knows how to practice the text,” Zaidi said.

Dr Zaidi says there are very reputable medical information websites like the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic.

He suggests anyone seeking medical information through the web choose sites known to be based on direct knowledge and research and not just opinion.

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