Donations needed to help survivors after sexual assault, domestic violence

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PEORIA, Ill. — The Center for Prevention of Abuse needs underwear, socks, bras, pajamas, and comfy clothing donations.

Advocates use the items during medical advocacy when they’re called to hospitals after domestic violence or sexual assaults.

Leaders say often rape kits are done, and clothing is put into evidence, leaving survivors without belongings.

“Everything that they’re wearing often will go into a paper bag and go off to a crime lab. So, when they leave the hospital, they need clothes. They need to feel human. And we provide for them not just that companionship and that safety and that reassurance, but we also want to give them as much dignity as we can,” said Carol Merna, the Center’s CEO.

The Center provides new clothing items and emotional support during a traumatic time.

Carol says the donations are necessary but can be expensive.

“Last year, we provided over 300 medical advocacies, just in this immediate area. So, we’re talking almost one a day, and that is a lot of clothing to provide. We’re going to continue to do it, it’s really important to us, but we also wanted to give the community the opportunity to participate and to donate,” said Merna.

Donations for children, women, and men in all sizes are needed and can be brought to the Center. The center needs underwear, socks, bras, pajamas, sweatsuits, and any comfy clothing items.

The Center for Prevention of Abuse Crisis Hotline operates 24 hours a day. The phone number is 1-800-559-SAFE(7233).

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