BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — Several art studios & galleries in Downtown Bloomington created “Cards of Hope” to be added into Midwest Food Bank’s disaster relief boxes.

As part of Downtown Bloomington’s 2022 First Friday Art Events, community members got into the spirit of Friday’s theme, “Hands on Art.”

Angel Ambrose with Angel Ambrose Fine Art Studio said the event is a great way to give people a hands-on art experience, while also doing something good with their work.

She added, she came up with creating cards for Midwest Food Bank’s disaster relief boxes because of her service with the nonprofit and has heard from the Bloomington-Normal branch’s executive director, Tara Ingham, that the cards are encouraging for those who receive them.

“She’s heard encouragement from people that have received the boxes and received the note, and it just makes a difference, when your world has blown up, the fact that somebody, you know maybe a couple states away, or half of the nation away, took the time to write you a note and think about you, it makes a difference,” said Ambrose.

Each Friday through December will have a new theme, a list of all First Friday Art Events in Downtown Bloomington can be found pictured below.