PEORIA Ill. (WMBD) — Downtown Peoria will be adding 70 new Wayfinder signs to help reduce congestion and improve pedestrian access.

Two Wayfinder signs are already completed. One is located on Main Street by the Caterpillar Visitor’s Center, and the other is in the 700 block of Main Street.

The Wayfinder signs will be interconnected and color-coordinated depending on where you are in the city. The remaining signs will go up throughout the year and into the start of 2024.

“Visitors traveling to our great destination like to walk. So how does walkability improve that? Improved walkability helps them to get to that destination but maybe also discover other opportunities to discover downtown along the way,” said Discover Peoria CEO J.D D’Alfonso.

The signs will implement a QR code that pedestrians will be able to scan for more information about their desired destination.