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Drainage issues causing major headaches for Mackinaw residents

MACKINAW - Draining issues are causing headaches for dozens of residents in Mackinaw.

Neighbors say the city's in-action is causing them tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.They say the city's drainage system is inadequate and leaves neighborhoods, driveways and homes submerged in water.

When it rains, the city's pipes and drainage system don't work well enough to keep homes from flooding. Tonight these residents took their complaints to the village board. This is not first time this has been brought to them.

Residents say in previous years the village has attempted solve the problem but it's always been a temporary fix. 

The Village Board says they plan to have their engineer find solutions, but for some, that still face massive repair bills.

The city's insurance company may be their next hope. 

"It's discouraging, it's sickening," says Mackinaw resident Brent Rassi, "We purchased the house here because we wanted to live here. To know that the village doesn't want to back us with our tax dollars, they don't want to stand up and take care of issues the way they need to be taken care of, it's discouraging and it makes us regret purchasing a house in this town."

The Village Board says they plan to follow up on this at their next meeting at the end of the month. 


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