Dream Center works to educate Washington district teachers, community on poverty

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Washington school district teachers and members of the community met at the Dream Center Monday morning to be a part of Rethink Poverty.

It’s a simulation meant to deepen your understanding of what it means to live in poverty and ignite your desire to be a part of the solution. It allows people to also understand what it might be like to live as a typical low income family trying to survive month to month.

“We constantly see that when people can get close to something they can start to see the solution. So same is true with poverty and most of us haven’t lived in poverty so to try and get these folks through for one hour to experience it … the solutions start to become apparent.” said Brian Uhlenhopp of Dream Center.

“I think one thing that was brought to light today is that families in need sometimes don’t know the resources that are available to them in their communities so it really empowers our staff to be more mindful to helping figure out what those resources are so we can share that with those families.” said Cathy Kimbel of Washington District Schools.

If you’re interested in getting involved with this event, their next simulation will be held on the morning of Feb. 6.

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