Drivers urged to keep an eye out for farm equipment as harvest season begins

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CARLOCK, Ill. (WMBD) — Harvest season has arrived in McLean County and Central Illinois, and more farm equipment will be on roadways.

Farmers are harvesting crops from September through November, and trucks, combines, and other machinery will be using the highways to transport their goods. Rodney Knittle with the Illinois Farm Bureau said this is what farmers work for.

“It’s an important time for Illinois and Illinois agriculture, so slow down and share the road with our farmers,” Knittle said.

Knittle said drivers should be patient when they encounter combines or other farm vehicles on the road.

“Understand that the farm equipment is going to be moving at a slower speed than what the regular motorist is going be [moving] out there on the rural roads,” Knittle said.

Fred Grieder, a farmer in McLean County, said farmers don’t like to be on the roads for very long when in the middle of the harvest season.

“If we’re going to move a fleet of machinery, we try to plan around rush hour. Sometimes you can’t, but there’s times of day we try to avoid,” Grieder said.

Grieder said drivers can look for lights, turn signals on farming vehicles and be more observant while on the rural roads this time of year.

“When you have a collision between a car and combine/semi, the car usually takes the hit. So, there’s a lot to risk when they’re driving this time of year,” Grieder said.

Rodney Knittle said farmers don’t like being on the roads any more than drivers want them on the roads, but respect goes a long way.

“The farmer and the commuter driving the vehicle, we all want to get home to our families safe and sound,” Knittle said.

Sep. 19-25 is National Farm Safety and Health week.

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