ILLINOIS (WMBD) — Looking to expand the electric vehicle infrastructure here in Illinois.

Central Illinois has seen a lot of growth with EV manufacturer Rivian in Normal, but U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) tells WMBD there’s more to be done.

“One of the things in the supply chain manufacturing that I want to work on, is to bring a battery manufacturer to Illinois. Hopefully they can be co-located or near Rivian to be a source. But overall, we need more battery manufacturing. And I’ve already had conversations with Samsung, LG, and some of those foreign companies that have the experience. Let’s bring them to Illinois,” Sen. Duckworth said.

Soon, the next Farm Bill will be discussed in Congress. Sen. Duckworth talked about her priorities when looking at what funding Illinois needs.

“Crop insurance is really important for me. Supporting the growth of biofuels and biodiesel and ethanol in particular. Making sure we continue to support our family farms and they have the resources they need to continue,” Sen. Duckworth said.

These are some of Sen. Duckworth’s main priorities during her second term in office. She also wants to continue to get Illinois funding to remove 100 percent of lead from our water supply across the State.