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Dunlap Board voices disagreements, settles on process to find new superintendent

Tuesday's meeting was full of disagreements for the Dunlap School Board.

DUNLAP, Ill. - It was very emotional meeting at Dunlap School Board Tuesday night.

It's the first time the board met since removing Superintendent Dr. Lisa Parker,  in a 4-3 vote. Several teachers and community members did speak in Dr. Parker's favor again tonight. But tempers flared between board members, as they discussed how to go about hiring an interim superintendent.
Several members, including Dawn Bozeman, reflected on the situation, calling it a shame that the board removed Dr. Parker at all,  especially putting such a short time constraint to find someone new

The discussion quickly turned into a disagreement about the agenda being changed at the last minute, without giving much notice to board members. The board president posted it on Facebook before members were notified.

At one point the board secretary and a crowd of people walked out, as the disagreement turned into who should have notified the board and when.

"It feels like the board is not being included. There seems to be a lack of communication with board members, especially with the board president sharing information with all board members," said Bozeman.

"I feel like I did my best to get that on the agenda. We weren't required to put the discussion of the process for the interim superintendent and the superintendent on the agenda, but I added that as soon as I possibly could," said Karen Disharoon after the meeting.

The turmoil continued with more disagreements about whether or not to hire an internal interim superintendent. The board settled on using the IASB to recommend both internal and external candidates.

The board will hold a special meeting next week to continue the conversation

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