Dunlap High School, ranked one of the best S.T.E.M. schools in the country

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PEORIA, Ill– Newsweek ranked Dunlap High School in the top three percent nationally for its S.T.E.M. programming.

Out of 5,000 schools ranked for programming in science, technology, engineering, and math Dunlap is 885.

Administrators said they are grateful to be recognized, but have always held students and staff to a high standard.

Dunlap High School principal, Scott Adreon said they are not focused on awards, but work hard every day to make sure students get the best education and learn skills they need to transition into college and future careers.

“The occupations require a lot of S.T.E.M. training. It’s very important that our kids are ready to go for that and their qualified and they have experience and the confidence knowing that they can tackle those careers because they had a good experience with a rigorous curriculum in high school,” Adreon said.

Tom Olson, the math department director, said the students have big goals and it’s the teachers’ job to help them get to where they want to be.

“We just have a lot of students that want to go places in life. They want to become a doctor, they want to become a lawyer, they want to become an engineer and we want to do right by them,” Olson said.

Adreon said students are self-motivated.

“The incentives for our students to do well are all intrinsic. I think they want to do well they want to prepare themselves they want to get into the best colleges,” he adds.

He also contributes some of the school’s success to the consistency of the teachers.

“The retention we have in math and science departments is pretty consistent, so we haven’t had a lot of turn-over there and I think when you get consistent leadership in those departments you begin to see benefits paying off,” Adreon said.

The administration is proud of both the staff and students for all their hard work and encourages them to continue making strides.

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