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Dunlap High School students acing the ACT

DUNLAP, Ill. - Students at Dunlap High School are acing their ACT's.

71 students or about 23% of the senior class received a 30 or higher on the American College Test. 5 of those students received a perfect score of 36. 4 students from the Junior class have already earned a perfect score as well.

The Village of Dunlap recognized the outstanding accomplishments of the Eagles inside and outside the classroom Friday, declaring March 23rd as 'Day of the Eagles'.

"We're obviously very proud of their accomplishments, we're proud of the work that teachers put in, too, a lot of it has to do with the influence they get from home, too, to do well so I think we have an atmosphere here, a collaborative atmosphere where students want to see each other do well so it's a healthy environment for that." Dunlap High School Principal, Scott Adreon, says.

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