Dunlap may be prohibiting signs at sporting events

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The Dunlap School Board met tonight to discuss the future of crowd signs at school sporting events. Although today was just an information session there were a lot different opinions in the room. 

A year and a half ago students held up a pro-Trump poster during a school basketball game which caused a lot of controversy, even after the game. Tonight leaders met to discuss the possibility of disallowing political signs from being shown at games all together.

Board members in favor believed banning the signs would help improve inclusiveness within the school and it would help limit the student on student altercation. Those against believed it would take away from students first amendment rights. 

A former student who was at the game also attended the meeting and spoke during public comment. She says she understands that first amendment rights are important but she believes the signs should be prohibited for other reasons.

“I believe that if we are at a sporting event, everyone’s there to support the school as one,” said Julia Tavares, former student at Dunlap High School. “I don’t think there should be anything that divides the students or any spectators in general. I believe keeping politics away would be for the best.”

The board will vote on the political signs in the June board meeting. 

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