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Emotions run high at Tuesday night’s Dunlap School Board meeting, as the superintendent learns she will no longer lead the district.

In a 4 to 3 vote, board members approved a mutual separation agreement with Dr. Lisa Parker.

Dr. Parker has been with Dunlap Schools for 24 years and served as Superintendent for the last 3.

There was little discussion about why the decision was made. But, the meeting had to be moved from its original location at district officers to accommodate the number of of people that came out.

Teachers, students, and parents spoke for more than an hour, all of them baffled at the board’s decision. They praised Dr. Parker’s work, leading the district to success.

“We are one of the best districts in downstate Illinois, we take pride, our test scores are good, our accolades are great. I don’t understand this. We have stability, we have status, we have a great leader, and it saddens me that we’re here.” One parent say of the board’s decision.

“There’s a reason we trust and respect her. We know she has a heart of gold and that she shares her love for Dunlap every day with students, staff members, bus drivers, maintenance men.” A teacher for the district says.

There was also plenty of criticism for the way the board handled this decision and others.

“The fact that a 21-year-old such as myself can act in a more professional manner than some of the individuals sitting on this board is eye-opening,” A former Dunlap student said. “I hope that the separation is based on objective evidence and reasoning and not personal vendettas.”

“I ask you to ask yourself something that my parents have taught me to ask myself every night, will you be happy with the person laying on your pillow tonight. Make decisions based on that, but most importantly, thank you Dr. Parker for all your have done.” A Dunlap High School Senior says.

Dr. Parker and board members could not provide any further comment. Dr. Parker’s last day is December 31st and she will get a more than $80,000 severance package. No word yet on who will replace Dr. Parker.

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