Dunlap School Board pushes back vote for video gaming club

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DUNLAP, Ill. — The Dunlap School Board tabled a vote to introduce a competitive Video Gaming Club at Dunlap High School.

Members provided facts and expressed their personal feelings about bringing Esports, a video gaming club, to the high school.
Some board members are opposed to the idea and have several concerns about how it may affect students’ physical, social and emotional health.

Dunlap School Board member, Karen Disharoon said she doesn’t think the school should be encouraging long hours of practice for video gaming.

“They’re on their phone for a ridiculous amount of time, many of them, and adding 2-5 hours of video gaming practice means they could be on screens 3-7 hours a day. We should know more about this if we’re going to go forward as to how it’s going to affect our children before we enforce such a practice,” Disharoon said.

Other board members were in favor of the proposal suggesting all students be accounted for, not just those involved in athletics.

“I think that we have to take care of each and every student and we have to represent each and every student and do what’s best for them,” board member Cheryl Bluth said.

Nina Bush, a Dunlap resident said board members are pushing their agendas and that approving the video gaming club will promote inclusivity within the school.

“This allowing inclusivity and I am for inclusivity. I am for representing the constituents as a whole, Dunlap as a whole, the parents have spoken. 284 parents are in support of this initiative it’s about time that our board listens to the constituents, and the parents and puts personal agendas and personal feelings aside,” Bush said.

If this proposal passes the school will allow students to join the video gaming club. It could also become a varsity-level sport by the following year.

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