Peoria, Ill. (WMBD) — We’re days away from the consolidated election on Tuesday,
April 4.

The Peoria Election Commission offered more chances for early voting.

Early voting is one of three options the election commission offers to cast your ballot.

Voters can also vote by mail and in-person voting at their assigned polling place on election day.

The commission’s executive director Elizabeth Gannon stresses the importance of getting familiar with the ballot and candidates ahead of time.

“You can reference that sample ballot. You’ll need to compare it to your voter registration card to match up the districts that you’re qualified to vote in,” Gannon said. “Then you’ll be able to do your research. All the contest candidates will be listed there… and you’ll be able to look up and decide who best fits your interests and who you’d like to vote for.”

She said many people don’t vote in odd-year elections and those tight races… Usually, voter turnout is no more than 20 percent.

But she said every vote matters because in those elections we elect local leaders.

“You are electing city officials, school board members… these are people that affect your everyday life,” says Gannon. “Law enforcement, roads, schools — so getting involved in voting in odd-year elections is really important.”