Early voting off to big start in Tazewell County

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PEKIN, Ill (WMBD) Early voting is taking off with big numbers in Tazewell county.

Voters are doing all they can to make sure their voices are heard loud and early.
The election commission is still seeing a surge in both mail and in-person ballots.

The battle of the ballot box is underway in Tazewell County. County Clerk, John Ackerman, said he is surprised by the numbers of early voters so far.

“Part of it is enthusiasm for both sides, for all of the candidates, people wanting to make sure that they get out and cast their vote for their individual. I think it’s the uncertainty that we just came out of a lockdown. It’s been a couple months now, but that’s fresh on people’s minds, will that occur again,” said Ackerman.

Veteran Barry Dornon decided to get out early and avoid the crowd.

“It’s important. I put in more than 20 years in the service and I fought for the right to vote, so I’m taking advantage of that right,” said Dornon.

Voter Terry Munday usually waits till closer to election day but decided to give early voting a try.

“I’m hoping that the regular voting is gonna be phenomenal too, so I thought I better come and avoid the crowd and be able to stay safe as far as the COVID and get my vote in,” said Munday.

Over 4,000 voted this past weekend alone, Ackerman estimates that more than 80% of the registered voters will make a move by November third.

“If I could have 100 percent turnout, I’d be thrilled. That’s showing that the public is engaged and wanting to make sure that democracy is working the way it’s supposed to,” said Ackerman.

He said be sure to mail in your votes sooner than later to avoid problems.

“The more of those we count on election night or on election night itself and have ready, the better it is. People have until election day to mail them, but we won’t receive them until up to two weeks after the election,” said Ackerman.

At least 22,000 people have already cast a vote by mail ballot as of Monday.
Ackerman expects much higher numbers than that by election day.

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