PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Community leaders and members gathered at the East Bluff Community Center in Peoria Thursday afternoon, cutting the ribbon in celebration of the building’s new design.

The rebranding event introduced a reimagined logo and several interior design plans to revitalize an already integral hub for community involvement.

“Our mission is to create neighborhood stabilization by providing a vibrant place to gather,” Executive Director, Kari Jones, said. “This brand is a way to do that.”

She said the purpose of the rebrand is to attract more people into the center, exploring organizations and events, and increasing community involvement.

“A lot of people know that there’s a food pantry here or they might know Boys and Girls Club meets here, but…we’re here for so much more than that, ” Jones said. “If people want to provide a program or share a skill with the community here, they can do that.”

The board and design team have extensive plans in place to refresh the inside of the historic building that was once a school.

“There’s going to be a lot of changes in the next six months as far as revitalizing inside and making it look more vibrant and inviting for people,” Jones said.

Jones said she wants people to know that the Community Center is a place where anyone can gather and get involved.

“We have a place for you in our community here, and we invite people to be involved,” Jones said.

To learn more about East Bluff Community Center and its programs and events, visit their website.