PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — On Thursday, the Peoria Police Department’s “Walk and Talk” campaign returned for the season.

This is the third year that police are going into different crime hot spot neighborhoods to build trust between the department and residents.

“I think they need to see that the police officers are here for them. We’re here for our community,” Chief of Police Eric Echevarria. “And we’re going to be here walking in your neighborhoods just to share some information with you.”

The campaign lasts throughout the summer. Kids like Jamese Moss and Peirre Moton appreciated the opportunity to meet Echevarria.

“I feel good because I feel like it’s good for the community to see who’s working with the police,” said Moss.

Moton said police are just trying to protect the community.

“Everybody think the police bad. They really not bad. They just trying to help our community stay safe,” she said.