East Bluff family warns of possible attempted car break-ins

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Early Tuesday morning, an East Bluff family’s security cameras captured a man in their driveway of their home located on the 400 Block of East Frye Avenue. The man appears to be checking on the doors of the three vehicles in their driveway. They quickly took this video to social media.

“And for the young man that did it, I have nothing against him. But you have to work for what’s yours. That’s my word of advice, that our neighborhood pretty much stands together and work together and try to keep the neighborhood safe,” said Israel Ortiz, resident of the home on Frye street.

Peoria County authorities said these types of crimes are often organized.

“Unfortunately several of what I’ll call delinquent crews, have been working the tri-county area and these are crimes of opportunity. These are situations where they are preying on those individuals who do not secure vehicles or they leave valuables in plain site,” said Sheriff Brian Asbell, Peoria County.

Luckily, Ortiz said he made sure to lock his cars so the man was not able to open them. Sheriff Brian Asbell said this is exactly what everyone should be doing every night.

“These are all crimes that are preventable. We can prevent these crimes by just doing some simple things. Protecting yourself, be your neighbor’s keeper. Watch out for your neighbors personal property, their residences, their vehicles, get to know your neighbors, community watch is very significant to lower these type of crimes,” said Asbell.

Ortiz also said he thinks crimes like these and others in the community can be more preventable if city authorities invest in speed bumps and more street lights. The family said they plan on filing a police report.

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