East Bluff taxpayers weigh in on future allocations

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PEORIA, Ill. — Neighbors in the East Bluff are helping decide where their tax dollars go next year.

At a meeting Tuesday evening, city leaders asked for their thoughts.

A current levy which will soon expire benefits the neighborhood house.

Now city leaders are considering a new levy to go toward bringing new programs to the community.

One neighbor says it’s important for you all to contribute to the conversation.

“We have a lot of people that blame and complain, but very few people want to come out and do something,” Jessie McGown Jr. of Peoria said. “If you want your voice to be heard, take your voice to a place where it’s going to be heard rather than be out here in the streets talking to each other.”

Jessie McGown said he wants his money to go to an organization that will help bring in more homeowners and fewer renters.

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