EAST PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)- East Peoria Community High School (EPCHS) hosted a career fair on Thursday, November 2 that was planned by students.

Students that are a part of the co-op program got to get involved with planning their school’s career fair. They were in charge of planning, contacting companies, and setting up the gymnasium to host vendors.

Paige Walker, a Senior at EPCHS, talks about how they divided and conquered the event planning. “Each of us were assigned a person to help out today.” This is in regard to finding vendors that students might be interested in talking to.

“Having to bear with each other, the amount of stress, and clearly this is the first event we’ve done since probably COVID, so it doesn’t necessarily go as planned, but at least we know what to do better next year.” Brooklyn Gill, Junior at EPCHS, spoke on the hard work but excitement of the event.

“We hope that students find careers and look to see what their interests are.” Andrew Kaufmann, Senior, spoke on what he hoped this career fair would do for his classmates.

Vendors ranging in several different career paths such as trades, veterinary, cosmetology, and many other options, ensured that students in attendance had a wide variety to choose from. With each classroom dismissal, students rotated in and out of the gym to get information from a vendor to find where their interest peaked.

Andy Rosecrans, another Senior, was in charge of the work-base learning vendors. “We learn about all of the different trades, and then we spend a week at each trade, and then we do some hands-on activities, and learn all of the different ins and outs of the trade.”

The career fair was a great opportunity for students to find their first steps toward their future professions.