EAST PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – An East Peoria council member is pledging to pay anyone who catches someone stealing or vandalizing a political sign (regardless of political party) on a front yard.

During Tuesday night’s city council meeting Commissioner Michael Sutherland said he is willing to pay $200 per conviction for up to six convictions. He says he came up with the plan after he fell victim to someone stealing a sign off his property.

He believes the new trend stemmed from a “game” where players attempt to steal conservative political signs on camera before posting it to social media.

“I have the right to put up a political sign, and many men and women have died in front of me to give me that right,” said Sutherland. “Just because you disagree with me, do it at the polling booth do it legally.”

He says the East Peoria Police department has not been notified of his bounty.

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