EAST PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — East Peoria’s mayor, John Kahl sent a phased re-opening plan to Gov. J.B. last week, urging him to begin re-opening the state. Mayor Kahl said he never received a response, but preceded to move forward with the plan to re-open is on city.

East Peoria businesses have Mayor Kahl permission to open their doors to the public. Since the announcement last Friday, East Peoria City Counil said they have received good feedback and push back as well. Commissioners said there will never been an agreement between both sides.

The council called the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the state, a “Chicago Problem,” and that other regions in Illinois do not have the same issue. Mayor Kahl said his plan is the balance between protecting people’s health and their livelihoods.

“We will be staying the course,” Mayor Kahl said. “I feel comfortable with what we’re doing, for anyone wanting to shoot bullets in the plan, I didn’t see anyone else put forward a plan two weeks ago.”

The entire council agrees with the phased re-opening plan.

“We’re not asking anyone to open that doesn’t want to open-up, we’re not asking anyone to go into a store if you don’t want to, if you want to stay home, stay home,” Commissioner Michael Sutherland said.

Mayor Kahl said for the last 45 days, he has watched families, friends and the business community be financially destroyed. He said his oath is on behalf of the people he serves in this community.