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East Peoria will soon see a change in their recycling plan that will save its citizens a lot of tax dollars. The city council had a meeting today discussing the new plan and its immediate effect. The plan, while not mandatory, encourages citizens to become more active in recycling by presenting them with brand new bins.

“The (current) recycling program is going to change somewhat,” said Daniel S. Decker, City Commissioner. “Its going to be a biweekly recycling program, which is a little concering. However, due to the 96-gallon toters, that will be equivalent to a little over five of the (current) red bins.” 

The city commissioner went on to say that the reason for the new toters, or bins, is because the pickup trucks used for trash and recycling will be changed. Having the bins all one uniform will make it easier for the new trucks to pick up the trash and recycling and dispose of them correctly. He said having multiple sizes for bins will make picking up trash and recycling more arduous for the workers.

The new plan is set to go into effect in July of this year, however, the council wants all citizens to know a couple things before then. You do not need to have a toter this year to be able to recycle, but starting in July of 2019, you will need a toter in order to submit recycled material. Lastly, along with the approved recyled goods, the council will also allow citizens to begin recycling glass. 

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