It’s that time of year when it is all hands on deck for the East Peoria Festival of Lights.

The parade was a volunteer-run event when it started in 1984, today it has turned into the entire city of East Peoria getting involved.

Volunteers are still welcomed with open arms, especially as the parade is right around the corner. Chairman Kory Brown says it takes a lot of hard work that is put into making this special day happen.

“It’s a year-round process. It takes police, fire, public works, the mayor’s office, city councilmen, everyone involved really in the entire community to make this thing go. So, it’s not just myself and my staff, it’s many other people involved which is what makes it so special, what we’re so proud of,” said Brown.

He continued, “It brings everyone together, whether you’re from Peoria, East Peoria, Morton, Chicago, wherever there’s something that you can come in and see and focus on and have fun with your family which is what the holidays is all about.”

The parade is on Nov. 18 and will be aired live on WMBD at 6 p.m.