EAST PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Changes are coming to high school football games in the aftermath of twin fights at Peoria Stadium and Eastside Centre.

East Peoria Police Chief Rich Brodrick said two East Peoria High students are being disciplined for their involvement. Two teens, who do not attend East Peoria, were arrested at Friday’s game.

“I think this one, the way that it was taken care of and the people arrested the other kids at school. I think that’s going to send a clear message,” he said.

Brodrick said police will be stepping up security for the next few weeks. However, he said fights at football games are not unusual.

“You have issues at some football games every year, one or two a year, nothing big and then they’re always addressed by the police and or the school,” he said.

Brodrick said there has been robust security in place going back to when he was in high school.

“But this was not anything that we wouldn’t expect. That’s why we have officers at the games. The officers are there every year they have been, so they work the football games. They’re there and present to protect everybody,” he said.

The East Peoria fight happened right outside the Eastside Centre. Brodrick said the area is poorly lit and the Centre is looking at increasing lighting.

“It didn’t seem as though it was lit up as well as it could be,” he said.

And in Peoria, high school students will now have to earn the privilege of attending football games, based on behavior, attendance and grades. Middle school students must be accompanied by a parent. A new gameday checklist bans backpacks and bags, requires student IDs, and limits attendance to eligible students from participating schools.

Ten people have been arrested in connection to the fight at Peoria Stadium so far.