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East Peoria mandatory recycling container program

East Peoria, IL - East Peoria residents are showing concern and support for a mandatory recycling container mandate.

East Peoria's Public Works director says you are not required to recycle, but you are required to have a recycling container. 

Right now, every home is provided with two 18-gallon bins, but now, Public Works is transitioning to a single 96-gallon container and it will be mandatory for you to own one.

"There's three groups of people out there that we kind of lump people in," says Dennis Barron, East Peoria Public Works Director. "People that are gonna recycle and who are on board and already showing up to buy toters. The next group is people that want to recycle, may not have the means, may not have the finances to buy the bin. Then there's a certain group of people that aren't going to recycle no matter what happens."

Everyone has an opinion on recycling. 

Whether it's for or against, East Peorians will have to own a 96-gallon recycling cart before July of 2019. 

"It is not a mandatory recycling program," says Barron. "It is a mandatory container program."

If you're not in the market to purchase one from the city for $60 and already have an extra 96-gallon bin then you're in luck. 

"We are offering them the opportunity to paint an existing bin (or lid) a blue color to be able to utilize that," says Barron. 

Beverly Trout is picking up another recycling bin for her home on Friday, after she says her granddaughter got her to start recycling. 

"She thought that we should start, and we're like yep," says Beverly Trout, East Peoria resident. "Sounds like a good idea. So we've been quite good at it actually."

Right now, trash and recycling in East Peoria is picked up every week , but a change is coming. 

"We will begin to collect it every other week," says Barron. 

"I think that if everyone has a container, and it's made easier for them [to recycle], then the likelihood of them going 'well since I already have the container, I might as well start using it,' then maybe more of the residents will participate in the recycling program," says Trout. 

With the new mandate comes the addition of recycling glass, which East Peoria residents were not able to do prior to this change. 

If you live in an apartment complex you won't be affected.

It's considered to be commercial property, rather than residential. 

You can contact the City of East Peoria to order your bin or pre-pay online HERE

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