PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — September Nott of East Peoria has been inducted into the Fresenius-Kabi Donation Hall of Fame. Fresenius-Kabi is a global healthcare company that partners with blood centers.

Nott donated 190 platelets of blood over the course of 10 years through the American Red Cross. Her donations have produced 500 units that mainly help cancer patients.

On Monday, Nott was recognized for her induction with a ceremony at the American Red Cross Blood Donation Center in Peoria.

Nott says she thinks about her loved ones who have battled cancer when she donated. She says the donation center is like a second home.

“There is just so many people that need blood and platelets and plasma. It just one little bit of my life, it’s a big part of my life that I can give selflessness to,” said Nott. “I don’t have a lot of money to give so I give myself. And I think that’s more important than the money is to be able to give my platelets to those who need them.”

Nott has also donated close to 1,800 hand-sewn masks to platelet donors and platelet collection staff members.