BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Easterseals of Central Illinois opened in the Bloomington-Normal YMCA six months ago and since that time has helped eight-year-old Charlotte Coleman-Emig really thrive.

The president and CEO said they always love the chance to cheerlead the inclusion and awareness in their community.

Charlotte’s moms, Mary Coleman and Julie Emig couldn’t be happier that Charlotte has received services in a facility used by the diverse community.

“It’s been helping a whole lot; working through the therapy, suggestions that the therapists have made,” Coleman said. “Things she can do to try to adapt to the different ways that she senses things.”

According to Coleman, Charlotte has sensory processing disorder, which Easterseals was able to identify: including texture feeling in her mouth, sights, sounds, and feelings of things on her skin, and the ability to sense her body in space.

Coleman, Julie and Charlotte call the YMCA their happy place.

“This, both Easterseals and the Y is a place where she has a lot of comfort,” Coleman said.

Through therapy, Charlotte was recently ready to step up herself.

“They’ve helped me get more brave with things,” Coleman-Emig said. “It’s happened since I started Easterseals, so I think it might be helping.”

Charlotte’s mom said their daughter also struggles with anxiety, but said she feels empowered at the new Easterseals/Y.

President and CEO Melissa Riddle said building that confidence is what the organization is all about.

“Coming together to see the vision of creating this beautiful building to help serve more children,” Riddle said.

With such a supportive environment, Coleman said the sky’s the limit for Charlotte.

“Realizing she’s in a community where she can reach her potential is just amazing,” says Coleman.

To continue helping children like Charlotte, Easterseals/YMCA is encouraging you to participate in this weekend’s run/walk/rally on April 15 in Bloomington and East Peoria.