GERMANTOWN HILLS, Ill. (WMBD) — Easterseals showed off their active sensory gym to WMBD/WYZZ, which has been open since January.

The gym is meant for students to let out energy and regulate themselves. Another room, the calming sensory room, has been freed up to be a relaxing environment when students feel overwhelmed or frustrated.

Both of the rooms were made possible by the Giving Circle, a group made up of Easterseals members. Teachers at the academy say they have seen more natural social interaction in the sensory gym not generally seen in the classroom.

Kyle Bunting, a teacher’s aide at the learning academy for the past four years, says the room has been a big help for the students.

“It’s just another way for kids to get their energy out and regulate, especially on the days we don’t go outside and use our playground, we have this room that we can come into and really help the kids get their energy out and regulate themselves in the best way they need to,” Bunting said.

Easterseals is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with developmental disabilities reach their full potential. Those interested in becoming members of the Giving Circle can click here.