A man who once dreamed of being a coach because of his love for sports and competition is facing a foe he never dreamed he would have to face.

Ed Rapp, a group president of caterpillar has ALS.  Rapp says he is facing this challenge like he did so many at Caterpillar, head on.

Rapp says he is drawing from what he has learned at Caterpillar to fight ALS through a program he calls Stay Strong vs ALS. Faced with the prognosis, Ed says he still feels he has been lucky because of something he has preached at Caterpillar for a long time, work-life balance.

“It really does promote the concept that you can have it all. you can have a great career and you can have a great family and, you know, the thing that I’ve always said is life is going to throw you curve balls I know you and Karen have dealt with it with MS and you know as you learn in baseball, if you don’t have good balance you can’t hit a curve ball. It’s just something that’s always meant something to me and then maybe along the way I’ve influenced some people within CAT to strike a little bit of that or balance along the way,”  Rapp said.

We asked Ed what is different about his charitable fund to fight ALS as compared to many others out there

“What we’ve decided is [that] we’ve reviewed the research and what’s going on and what they often times need is project-related funds . I’m in a trial right now that’s called  “Answer ALS.” They’re going to take a thousand ALS patients. They’re going to do complete genetic mapping on all of us – have all of our clinical data – and then make it available to anybody in the world who’s doing research.  A project like that takes money and so what our intent is is to support people who are doing projects like that that are purposely focused on finding a cure,” Rapp said.

Ed says he plans to stay strong wit the help of a loving family, great medical team, and his strong faith.

We want to thank Caterpillar, my good friend, Ed, and his family for allowing us to share his personal story, as Ed vows to raise awareness and hopefully to find a cure for this disease with your help.

He has set up a special fund to help find the cure. 

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