Edgar County Watchdogs claim former BPD officer may have altered evidence

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — The Bloomington Police Department is under scrutiny after claims of malpractice have surfaced.

The Edgar County Watchdogs is a nonprofit group whose mission is to keep local governing bodies accountable. Monday night, a member from the group went to the Bloomington council and announced the Watchdogs would be looking into the resignation of a former Bloomington officer.

Kirk Allen, Co-Founder of the group,  claims this particular officer may have altered records during his tenure.

The department has stated that the officer resigned, but Allen says, there’s reason to believe this officer was fired.

He adds, he filed several Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests asking for the officers’ resignation letter and a list of his disciplinary records, but the city denied him each time.

“When we say justice for all, it means anybody that may have potentially come across that officer and any actions that officer took,” said Allen in front of the Council during public comment. “If that officer did some of the things that we are being told, you could have a very big legal problem coming down the road.”

If any of these allegations are true, the ramifications could range from nothing to having convictions reversed.

According to States Attorney Don Knapp neither the Illinois State Police nor has the Bloomington Police forwarded an investigation to the States Attorney’s office to review. 

However, Knapp hasn’t ruled out the possibility that the BPD could have started an investigation into the matter.

WMBD reached out to the Police department, The City Manager, and the Mayor. None of them have returned our calls. 

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