Educators trained to ‘Run, Hide or Fight’

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Mass shootings throughout the country leave emergency mentors constantly updating their tactics to protect students and staff from harms way.

Teachers from central Illinois received emergency hands on training Monday, learning survival methods of run, hide and fight.

“First option is to run, get away from that situation if you can, If you cant run your next best option is to hide, but not just hide, barricade the room that you’re in,” said Aaron Woodruff, Chief of ISU Police. He adds, “If you cant do any one of those, and the shooter is in the room with you you’re only other reaction in response is to fight.”

Drills included barricading doors, throwing objects and even swarming a “shooter” portrayed by a UHigh employee armed with a super-soaker water gun.

ISU Health and Safety staff stress the more you practice these techniques, the better your chance of survival.

While law enforcement may only be a minute or two away that may me a minute or two too long,” said Eric Hodges ISU Emergency Manager. He adds, “Its really important to recognize a sign of an active shooter, hear something down the hall or you see something, you need to be able to act on your own.”

Hodges encourages those who go through the active shooter simulation to share the methods they learned, in hopes of making central Illinois schools as safe as possible.

If you would more information on Mondays Training, you can find it here

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