EL PASO, Ill. (WMBD) — From Central Illinois to Europe, an El Paso ambulance made its way to Ukraine Thursday morning.

The El Paso Emergency Squad sent one of their ambulances and other supplies to help those suffering in Ukraine. I-v-37 made a two-month journey across the world.

It traveled to Chicago, Baltimore, Germany, and Poland before the final destination to Ukraine.

“When the Ukrainian embassy came and picked it up, it was full. It was full of things that we hope will be put to good use,” said El Paso Fire Department Chairman, Tim Russelman.

How were they able to pull this off?

“There is a gentleman from Peoria that’s working on this project by sending gently used ambulances to Ukraine. I asked the board, would you guys like to participate, and can you donate I-V-37? It passed unanimously,” said Russelman.

How were they able to afford to donate an ambulance?

“We have the opportunity that every year we’re either adding or replacing an ambulance we actually had a spare ambulance, and we could have turned around and sold it but the reality of it is, the greater good is to give it to someone who needs it,” said the EMS Chief of the El Paso Emergency Squad, Karen Krug.

I-V-37 wasn’t alone on the trip.

“The supplies came from our community,” said Krug.

During EMS week in May, the El Paso Emergency Squad sent a notice out to the community asking for donations to put inside the ambulance.

“Congerville donated a cardiac monitor, several agencies had cots. We had ladies here in town making quilts. To see that ambulance finally delivered and to see pictures of the people that are going to be using it in the same avenue that we used it but truly in a war zone where it’s needed most of all is certainly gratifying” said Krug.