Employees at Ricky’s Gas and Mart shaken after armed robbery

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GERMANTOWN HILLS, Ill — It was business as usual Monday night at Ricky’s Gas and Mart until a man walked in the store, armed with a handgun.

Morgan Day wasn’t working at the time, but she describes how the cashier on duty handled the scary situation.

“I think she’s traumatized from it, we had a customer find her in the bathroom, instead of her calling the police, the customer did it for her. So, I imagine that it was pretty traumatic and upsetting for her,” said Morgan Day, cashier at the store.

The suspect, 35 year old Adam Wilson of Bayview Gardens allegedly cornered the cashier and got away with an unknown amount of cash.

“I think what he did, was he cased the place out before it happened. He walked from both sides of the store, looking in the bathrooms, checking the coolers to make sure nobody was here when he did that,” said Day.

The owner of the store says the scenario could have turned out worse.

“I’m very glad that nobody got hurt, and everything is fine, back to normal. My cashier was shaken up a lot but now she’s fine,” said Alfred Hinduja, owner of the store.

Day says she didn’t expect such a thing to happen in her tight-knit community.

We’ve had a few shoplifters but never somebody to come in with a gun and rob the place. It’s definitely new, especially for Germantown and this area, because it’s not something that’s expected here,” said Day.

The store recently put a policy in place to deter would-be robbers.

We’ve actually had this sign posted for the last six months or so, it says the attendant doesn’t have access to the safe, and we don’t, explained Day.

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