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EPFD respond to early morning fire

BARTONVILLE, Il. - 16 tenants, including three children, were evacuated from the Stratford Arms Complex Tuesday, after East Peoria fire fighters responded to a blaze around 2 AM.

“Before our crews even arrived, they know we have a two story building, they know it’s residential and they know most likely it’s going to be the 8 units that are common in that complex,” said Garry Grugan Asst. Fire Chief EP.

Grugan says the department's main objective is life safety. The first priority is ensuring everyone gets out safely.

We're going to account for every single person that was in or even suspected to be in that complex,” said Grugan. He adds, “If that means a face to face meeting with someone in each apartment or we have to go in and have a physical search in every single room, occupancy, closet in that apartment building we will do that.”

After families are accounted for, the American Red Cross steps up to care for those affected by the fire.

“Our volunteers always will take supplies plenty of food water, blankets when they go out,” said Alyssa Pollock, of American Red Cross. She adds, “We work individually with the families to help them make a recover plan.”

The fire in East Peoria is still under investigation, no residents were harmed in the blaze, but one firefighter did suffer minor injuries. Also overnight a multi-unit building on South Lafayette in Bartonville caught on fire. The Red Cross is helping five adults as a result.

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