PEORIA Ill. (WMBD) — In the race for the 17th Congressional District, Democratic Candidate Eric Sorensen was in Peoria Sunday.

Sorensen met with other district leaders and volunteers at the Peoria County Democratic Party headquarters.

He spoke on his support of woman’s rights, job security, and availability along with bringing down inflation.

Sorensen is encouraging Central Illinois to get out and vote. He said this area has a significant impact on a bigger scale.

“We know coming up, there’s going to be a vote on codifying the rights of women and reproductive health care into law. The decision that we make right here in Peoria and in Bloomington Normal is going to affect that because the balance of power determines the rights of people that are on the ballot here today,” said Sorensen.

If he gets elected, Sorensen said he will immediately start focusing on women’s rights issues, inflation, and job security.

“We need to bring the cost of prescription drugs down. We need to bring the cost of food down. And I will work in Congress to do that. I will also stand with women in Congress to make sure that their rights aren’t taken away on a federal level,” said Sorensen.

Election Day is on Tuesday, Nov. 8.