PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Dozens of Eureka College student-athletes joined forces with the City of Peoria Community Development Department at the East Bluff Community Center Friday.

“To learn about what the East Bluff Community Center does, learn about some job opportunities in local government and do a little service project here,” said City Of Peoria Community Development Department Neighborhood Enhancement Coordinator Kaylee Drea.

This project includes combing through the East Bluff community and clearing up litter.

“I think the impact of having one hundred student-athletes descend upon the East Bluff neighborhood today to do this cleanup will have a big impact just in terms of boots, sneakers on the ground really, picking up litter and picking up trash,” said Drea.

Eureka College soccer player Khalil Alleyne said that the East Bluff is a spot he’s already familiar with and doesn’t mind giving up his time to help out.

“My wife, her family is from the East Bluff Community. So, it’s one that is there to me. And then, like growing up, I was always taught to give back to the community. Help out. I did a lot of community service growing up. So, I mean to be here, especially with friends, the school community. It’s an enjoyable experience. One I look forward to,” said Alleyne.

And despite getting into a busy part of the year for him, Khalil says giving back is still important.

“It was a little tough to get up early, cause we had practice last night, but… I guess it’s one of those things you have to do. Make certain sacrifices to help out when you can,” said Alleyne.