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EUREKA, Ill. — After serving the community for 15 years, the Association for the Developmentally Disabled of Woodford County is ending its free recycling services and closing its drop-off site.

The non-profit agency released a statement last Wednesday revealing the end of the recycling program.

Keith McArdle, President and CEO of ADDWC, said although he pitched other alternatives, the agency couldn’t afford to offer the free services anymore.

“We came to a point where this is really not helping us meet our mission to serve individuals with intellectual disabilities, McArdle said. “So after long discussions, we decided we were going to have to pull the plug on it.”

McArdle said because the city of Eureka has never paid for the agency’s recycling services, ADDWC was losing around $30,000 annually.

He said he’s been to two city council meetings in the past year proposing ways to have their program funded, such as a fee of $1.30 per month per household, but to no avail.

“They’ve not taken an actual vote on it, but they also didn’t take any action to provide us with any financial assistance,” McArdle said.

The announcement has also prompted support from Eureka’s community which included people creating online petitions to have the city council reconsider the fee’s ADDWC proposed to save the program.

Other residents, such as Annalivia Stweart and her brother Daniel, use the recycling service weekly and said they’re disappointed it’s coming to an end.

“The fact that this is closing down and there isn’t anything else offered for all the citizens of Eureka is really frustrating,” Stewart said.

McArdle said there are still other communities in Woodford County that pay a fee for ADDWC’s recycling services and they will continue to provide for them.

He said he’s hopeful the city council will reconsider, especially since the community has been showing support, but he is prepared to end the free services on December 31st at 200 Moody Street.

“I just hope the folks approve it and if they don’t, we’ll stop and go from there.”

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