‘Every life is valuable,’ Tragic motorcycle accident cause motorcyclists to plea with all drivers

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CENTRAL ILLINOIS- A tragic motorcycle crash is shedding light on a common summer safety hazard. 

59-year-old Cheryl Zeglen died after rear ending her husband’s bike and crashed. Her husband Tom Zeglen signaled the group to get into a single file like to avoid grass on the roads. 

This accident is calling all motorcycles to plea with the public.

Whether you are behind the wheel of four wheels or behind the handle bar of two the hope is the same: to get from point A to point B safely. This accident is bringing to light a dark truth that grass on the roadways can lead to accidents. 

“The easiest way I can equate it is if you see patch of ice in the winter and makes you panic, imagine what it does to us when we see grass laying in the road?” said Stann Wiebler, Walters Brothers Sales & Marketing. “So it’s very important that if you’re mowing grass, blow it away from the road.”

As we were driving to our interviews on Wednesday, a highway worker was blowing grass out onto the roadways. Cars continued to drive passed blowing the grass into the middle of the road in some areas. It’s this kind of situation that motorcyclists are trying to avoid.

“It can get slippery and people don’t realize that,” said Ron Brown, motorcyclist. “They think, well, it’s just grass clippings, yes, but when it gets wet, look out.”

“Every life is valuable and you don’t want to see anyone get hurt,” said Denise Strube-Pieper, motorcyclist. 

It’s everyone’s responsibility to pay attention on the roads. 

“I think it’s an awareness thing,” said Wiebler. “I don’t think anyone’s out there trying to hurt motorcycles on purpose, so just a general awareness on the road.”

According to the Illinois Litter Control Act, it’s illegal to put grass clippings on the roadways. 

We reported this just under a month ago, but it’s still as important as ever that everyone understands that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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